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    Default low ceilings... fix?

    So, I have been looking to buy a house for a while now. I am in no rush because I have a great apartment and decent rent, but I look at homes in my budget here and there. Last week, I met with a realtor and checked out a home that I absolutely fell in LOVE with, which surprised me, because it is a tad bit dumpy- but the potential is incredible, I swear!

    The home is foreclosed and has been vacant for over a year. Because it wasn't heated over the winter, the floors need some love- some jacking under the home will fix that ("easy fix" according to the boyfriend and his builder Dad). I know I can get a GREAT deal on the home, and I really want to, but the one thing that is keeping me from grabbing this place is the ceiling. There are a few step downs (and ups) but not where the celing is low- actually in the lowest part of the house (Kitchen and master bedroom). Above this part of the house is a small second floor with vaulted ceilings. I'd say that the ceiling in the kitchen is maybe 6'3"... anyone over 5'11" will have to tilt their head to walk under the doorway to the bedroom.

    I, being 5'5" have no issue with it. I still love the house. We know it needs lots of works, essentially gutting a section of it. I am going to have someone come look at it, but before doing so, what do you guys/gals think? Is there a way to rectify the ceiling situation, or should I just go out and find me a shorter man?

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