Hello I am new and need some help with this basic question for you guys. I removed all insulation from my den and replaced it with Roxul which is a stone wool. This insulation has no paper on the side facing the room. It is highly recommended but i was confused when it came with no paper attached. This does stick rather nicely in the cavity in the wall.

My question is weather I should put anything on this or can I just place it in the wall cavity and place my drywall on it? I live in the Chattanooga TN area I think zone 4 from what I can tell on some maps I read about ******. It states I do not need anything. The old however that I did remove had it attached.

Should I place a 4 mil plastic sheet and tape. Would this be acceptable? Also on this old house I see they tape with red tape. I have researched this and it is tuck tape from canadian. Is there anythignin the US that performs the same function. Thanks for all your help in advanced.

I also read that vapor barriers can cause mold and moisture buid up so I am confused about this also I thought you should always put a vapor barrier on the outside walls?