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    Post "Thumping" Stair Step

    A couple of steps in the staircase of our 1927 home have started to "thump" when stepped on. The thumping seems to come from the wall to the left of the step. Slight motion of the step accompanying the thump is noticeable, but not too much at all. I can't tell anything by watching the structure from below, in the crawlspace (is there a layer on top of the tread that I can't see for these old stairs?). I'm wondering how to diagnose, and whether to treat or ignore, the new sound.

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    Stairs go through a lot of abuse, and after so many years they show their age.

    If the noise doesn't bother you, just let it go. But if you are bothered by it, you can cretainly look under the threads to see what's going on in there. Don't be surprised if a minor fix evolves into a major one.

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