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    Default choosing stain shade

    I am replacing a door going between a living room and a den. The old door was painted and I would like to stain the new door to match the wood in the rooms. The problem is the living room has a dark walnut color and the den has light oak wood. is there a rule about choosing which shade to go with or should the door be stained differently on ether side? Thanks

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    Default Re: choosing stain shade

    Colors are pretty much individual choices. If it looks good to you, then it's OK to have. I'm a landlord, and I've seen the weirdest paint colors left behind by tenants who moved out.

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    Default Re: choosing stain shade

    I would lean toward staining the door to the color of the wood in the room in which the door normally stands. That is, is the door normally open or closed?

    Obviously, you can use different color stains on both sides, which are appropriate when the door is closed, but when the door is open, it will not match to the woodwork in that room. This is why it is generally good to stay with the same stain ( or woodwork color) throughout a house.

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    Smile Re: choosing stain shade

    What kind of wood is the new door? My point being pine stains unevenly and an oak door will likely match the doorframe anyway and will stain darker. Any stain won't match exactly due to aging. I agree with dj1 but if you're nervous about it, stain it the lightest color first so you can go darker. Myself, I prefer to match the door to the frame of the primary room.

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