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    Default levelling floors in half double old house

    I live in NE PA. My wife and I own a half double home. Our kitchen floor has sunk due to excessive moisture coming in to our basement. That problem I can handle. I would like some
    advice on levelling our floor so that items on our kitchen table won't roll off the lower edge of the table anymore. The middle wall between the halves is the common wall. Many of the walls in the house are still plaster and lathe. So jacking them up from the basement floor would not be the answer. I will be supporting the floor joists with a beam that will be installed to prevent any further sinking. Any suggestions? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: levelling floors in half double old house


    Your half of the double house needs serious and immediate attention. The beam you mentioned is a start.

    Get a few contractors to look at your joists to determine the course of action. Please report back.

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    Default Re: levelling floors in half double old house

    The easiest thing to do is trim your table's legs a little to level it out.

    I'm with DJ on this one, get some local expert advice, this sounds like considerably more than a DIY kind of project.
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