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    Default Pool Paint on Concrete Block Foundation

    When i was searching for the best foundation paint, the TOH website recommended pool paint! Makes all the sense in the world to me...why didnt i think of that? since, i started researching pool paints...mainly how to apply them. as they are not intended to paint concrete block foundations, there is nothing out there to help me. all of the labels say "formulated to paint over existing pool paint". kind of what i expected. what im wondering is...can i just paint over the ugly blue paint that is on my block now? im not sure what kind of paint it was on the house when i bought it. its chipping in some areas but overall its still in pretty good condition (also not sure how long its been on there) Can i get away with painting over it or do i need to power wash and seal or sand blast or what? any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pool Paint on Concrete Block Foundation

    Ask pool builders, I bet they will know the answer.

    Let us know too.

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