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    Default Painting Exterior Brick

    My cousin and I are disagreeing that we should paint the exterior brick of our investment property. We actually live in this property currently, have remodeled the first floor and plan on selling it to a family or young professional. It is a nice house and is in a quaint, friendly, family oriented neighborhood just south of Cincinnati. My brick is yellow, but by no means is it ugly, it is just yellow. The brick is in great shape. We have access to good prices in exterior paint because my uncle owns a painting company, but I wanted to get some professional advice as to if we should really do this or not. I'd rather not spend over $500 in material, spend a week painting the house, and then not gaining any immediate benefit from the house. I'd imagine we can get our money back in appraisal value, but no other house in my neighborhood is painted. Is it worth it?

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    Default Re: Painting Exterior Brick

    One thing for sure, once painted, there is no turning back! You state that the brick is in good condition and fits in with the neighborhood. So why mess with it? It might (or might not) look better, but the long term maintenance might actually turn off a lot of potential customers.

    I personally do not like the looks of formal brick that is painted. Common brick can look interesting, but I would really have to hate the existing brick to commit to the reoccurring maintenance of painting brick.

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    Default Re: Painting Exterior Brick

    Ordjen is 100% correct.
    DO NOT PAINT Look for the oldest brick home in your area and see what it looks like than look for a painted home any substrate and compare.
    I see brick homes dating back 200 years no problems.
    Than I see painted buildings that have been many colors and need repainting again.

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