house built 1916. have a well 6 feet across, at least 20 feet deep with a compromised cement wall so the water holds during the rains but eventually drains out to the soil or I pump it out with a portable sump pump. this is getting very tiring.
Nowhere can I find anyone who can advise me on wells. Guess there are not too many of them in the SF Bay Area.

Would be great to be able to make it hold water so I can use it to irrigate the garden but no matter what I have to drain it 4-5 times during the winter.
Ideas? I was just thinking of being done with it and have a hard wired sump pump installed and just keep it empty all the time.

Should I fill it up with gravel? Best make some kind of permanent cover to seal it up? I was planning on building a deck over it so that may be moot. Sure would appreciate some advice and/or ideas