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    Default where is that mildew smell coming from?

    There is a smell of Mildew some where in my dad's home.
    I cannot figure out if there is a leak somewhere in the walls or floor of his home.

    He's a senior citizen and is starting to get bronchial problems and there is a smell that he doesn't smell, coming from walls or floors in his home.

    His home is relatively new.
    There is a serious problem there and I don't know who to call.
    Please help..........

    (An extreme fan of the show)
    Renee Madrid

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    Default Re: where is that mildew smell coming from?


    Is the house built on a crawl space? If so, is the ground covered with plastic? Are the foundation vents open?

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    Default Re: where is that mildew smell coming from?

    A hidden leak, if that's the problem, can cause major damages.

    Moisture can do the same.

    Contact local general contractors for advice, if you can't locate the source of the mildew yourself. Don't procrastinate and act fast to rid your dad's home of this problem, that might cost him with his health.

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