I will be rebuilding our deck in a few months and have a challenge. Currently, the deck is 10' deep from the house to the rail. It's constructed with joists hanging from a ledger board on the house, to a double 2x12 resting across steel columns set into the ground. The columns are about 5' tall. Pretty standard construction for a deck (I think). I want to rebuild the deck with an extra three feet of depth (13' from house to rail). I want to avoid pulling out the old columns and setting new columns, there are six of them, it's soft ground so they go deep, it's a lot of work. I don't want to cut them shorter and fix a new plate on them- it's require welding and who knows what to cut. Obviously I can't just lay joists across the top and cantlever them because the deck will be too high. So- here's my crazy idea: I want to run a double joist (probably 2x12) from the house out over each column- cantelevered to 13'. Then I'd attach a double 2x12 to the outside end and secure it with nails and upside down double joist hangers. With that framed- I'd just fill the rest in, hanging joists as you normally would from the house out to the double 2x12 on the end.

I wasn't able to attach a drawing, hopefully this description is clear. Maybe the idea I have makes sense. But what I really wonder is, is this a totally stupid idea? It seems like this would carry load just as well as traditional construction... I'd like to think of this as a creative solution.