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    Default Wood or Laminate cabinets in laundry room

    Which is better suited for a laundry room? Wood or laminate? the question came up relative to humidity in the laundry room. Is one better suited for that environment than the other?

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    Default Re: Wood or Laminate cabinets in laundry room

    if your machines are properly hooked up with good plumbing and the dryer is vented to the outside melamine cabinets will hold up fine

    modern machines keep the humidity contained and its not an issue.. if your were talking about base cabinets for a kitchen or bathroom thats another story.. i dont know how many kitchens and bathrooms ive renovated that had particleboard cabinets in em.. every one took zero effort to demo . now the ones that are plywood construction thats a totally different ballgame
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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