I would like to present you guys with a situation and ask what you would do if you were in this situation.

I had 8 legs for 2 claw foot tubs powder coated recently. During the process, 1 of the 8 legs cracked. I asked the powder coating place about this and they said it was already there. I told them it wasnít. They said they didnít drop it and said they only thing they can imagine is that it had a hairline crack in it already and that during the baking process, the iron expanded and it cracked. I was planning to leave my cast iron toilet tank with them to have it done, but Iím having second thoughts now.

I have the chance to purchase another wall hung toilet tank (used of course), although not cast iron. I was thinking of purchasing the tank as a back-up and proceeding with having the cast iron toilet tank powder coated. If something goes wrong in the process, I have the back-up tank to use. If it were you, would you take the risk?!