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    We have renovated an older house. We need to build a new step/deck on the back. We use this as our common entrance and we BBQ there as it is an entrance to our kitchen and dining room. There is an old fashion exterior basement entrance that I would like to disguise and this is what is creating my dilema. How can I design a deck with 2 level that would have a trap door or something so we can have access to the crawl space but cover it with the deck design?I have attached a picture... any advice would be appreciated.

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    Floor openings such as trap doors are not permitted by code unless they are treated the same as an opening to a fixed stairway- ie handrails to prevent entering the opening inadvertently. Plus you may not be allowed to obstruct access to the basement door if it is considered an emergency egress opening.

    In order to place the deck where you wish, you will have to permanently close off the doorway or move it to another location that is not obscured by the deck. Even if this deck does not require a permit or inspection where you are, making this alteration to the home without the changes I mention will likely void your homeowners policy.


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    phil is right.. you have to put hte access at the side of the deck where the lattice or skirting will be. we do this all the time on the decks we build. many homeowners want a space to put shovels and plastic lawn furniture so it doesnt clutter up their sheds or take up space in already limited storaage areas
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