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    At times, my toilet valve will allow a short burst of water to enter the tank randomly. I have replaced the valve twice but this continues throughout the day. I have several toilets but this is the only one that is effected. Any thoughts?

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    It sounds like the flapper needs to be replaced. Put a little food coloring in the tank water. Without using the toilet if the coloring appears in the bowl, chances are water is leaking past the flapper.


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    John is correct, your first step is to check the flapper jack. When the flapper doesn't have a tight seal, it allows water into the bowl. After enough water left the tank, the fill up valve opens to bring the water level back to "full" position, and that's the sound you hear.

    Some toilet makers use their own design flappers and some use universal flappers. Get the right one for your tank and see if the leak stops. Flappers are inexpensive. Make sure the new flapper makes a clean contact with the opening.

    Plz report back.

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