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    Hello, ive been lookin at the split systems for a while and i believe im gettin ready to buy/have a few installed, ive been doin some lookin around the internet for installation images/documentation, what im tryin to figure out is, can the indoor air handlers be installed/mounted to an interior wall or do they have to be installed to an exterior wall. Thank you for your time.
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    The air handler, (evap) gets installed inside. For a Ductless split it mounts on a wall, for the Air Handler it would go in the attic or cellar.

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    A regular split system has the air handler with evaporator coil mounted anywhere inside the house. Usually you want it near the exterior wall where the Condenser is located to save installation costs.

    A mini split as mentioned, usually has a wall or ceiling mounted indoor unit that has the evaporator coil and fan integrated in a smaller more compact enclosure than a conventional split system. SOme of these residential mini split systems can have up to 8 indoor units on one single outdoor condenser. Commerical system can have up to I think 50 indoor units on a single array of outdoor condensers. Those systems are usually referred to as VRF (Vairable Refrigerant Flow) systems. Some versions can heat and cool simultaneously in different zones. You can get them up to about 30 Tons of combined capacity. THere's an array or indoor units to choose from including air handlers.
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