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    Default In search of tile

    I am looking for a corner black subway tile and a corner white 4x4 tile. These are not bullnose tiles, but more cove. I have been searching the internet and salvage stores. Does anyone know where I can find black/white subway tile for a 1930's colonial?


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    Default Re: In search of tile

    I'd go directly to a manufacturer such as DalTile. If they don't have what you need, ask them who might.
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    Default Re: In search of tile

    Years ago a tenant of mine left me with two broken tiles in very visible locations on the kitchen counter top. The tiles were from the fifties.

    I found a tile outlet and when I called them they asked me to bring the broken pieces. Not only the guy knew the make of the tiles, he also recited the history of those tiles. He had some replacement tiles, and everything was cool.

    Every large city must have an outlet like this. Who would know? old time tile setters, tile stores who have been around long enough, on line tile forums like John Bridge, and maybe tile makers as Spruce mentioned, like Daltile. Good chance that your tile is not an import, but if it is, forget it.

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    Default Re: In search of tile

    also try American Olean

    and what they said.

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    Default Re: In search of tile

    Looking for a best and beauty tiles for my office floor...

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