I am replacing all my kitchen cabinets with eggshell painted cabinets. I think I have found a great custom cabinet company who build their own doors and will use a wood that won't show any graining thru the paint (I can't remember what type of wood). They seem to know a lot about the painting procress and chemical interactions with paints and glazes and how to achieve a really reliable finish that won't crack, peel etc. I am trying to educate myself because I have heard and read about many horror stories with painted cabinetry. My kitchen designer says to steer clear of custom painted cabinetry for the above reasons-- of course she wants me to buy her cabinets but she hasn't steered me wrong in any of my dealings with her and I highly respect her and her opinions.

Anyone out there with GOOD stories about their painted custom cabinetry? Any and all advice appreciated and welcomed!