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    Default Repairing screw holes in siding

    Hey all,

    We took down some planters that were screwed into our siding with lag bolts and want to reinstall a large windowbox. I'm assuming we should repair the old holes before we do the new installation. I believe we have cement board siding. What should we use for it? Masonry caulk?


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    Default Re: Repairing screw holes in siding


    I probably would just fill the holes with a little urethane caulk. Urethane never dries out and is paintable, unlike silicon. If the holes are visible and you wish to make them as invisible as possible, cover the hole with some 2 inch masking tape, then take a razor knife and cut around the hole.
    This will allow you to fill the hole, then smooth it flat with a putty knife without getting the caulk smeared all over the siding. Simply pull the tape after your patching is done. Obviously, a little touch up paint will then make it near invisible. Wait 24 hours before painting over the urethane caulks.

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