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    Default Rotten closet flange

    I pulled my toilet due to it leaking under the base and found the metal flange had rusted away. What are my options in fixing this besides lots of demo? Would one of the 2 piece repair flanges work? There is also a substantial gap between the concrete slab and the drain pipe. see bottom of pic below. This had been partially filled with silicone. Should I fill this with a bit of concrete or does it matter?

    Well they won't let me post a link. Geeeze. Still, any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Rotten closet flange

    There are many repair kits on the market, and depending on your situation you can find one that will work for you. Check at plumbing supply places. You can also watch some demonstrations on youtube.

    If you have a concrete slab, you can set the two mounting bolts in the concrete (old plumber's trick) to last you years. I've been using this trick for many years, it works fine with absolutely no leaks.

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