The texture paint spray cans are available at any good paint store or home center. There are a couple variations for the different textures and they are adjustable. You will want to practice on a piece of cardboard before committing to the wall.

The BIN spray is fine, but it might take a couple light coats. Brushing tends to put on a heavier coat.

Oil paints are fine and are compatible over the latex. In many ways, oil paints are actually easier to use then acrylics, mainly because they have much more "wet time" and will level themselves better. Oil also dries harder and is easier to sand should some imperfection needs to be removed with sandpaper. Oil will feather out, acrylic merely clogs your sandpaper.

Oil paint is virtually disappearing from the "big box" stores. You will have to go to a paint store that does a commercial trade. For years, Benjamin Moore's "Satin Impervo" was my oil paint of choice. I am sure there are many good similar products from the other manufacturers.