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    Default low Ph/ well water

    I have a well for my water supply. My water is acidic and I have a McClean whole house filter. I add a Ph adder to neutralize my water. I notice a copper residue in my shower which I assume to be the result of the Ph problem, which in turn equates to pipe disintegration, I guess! I have started to change out to pex, but complete copper elimination is improbable. Is there a more effective method to accomplish the results I am attempting to achieve? What are the health hazards associated with copper exposure,I know it turns blonde hair green! and is there a way to determine the destruction caused by years of low pH? HELP PLEASE

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    Default Re: low Ph/ well water

    If you tested your well water and found it to be too acidic, look into a calcium carbonate filter to correct the PH to acceptable range. Log on to EPA web site to learn more, read about the best solution to fit your specific situation. There are also other remedies that I'm not quite sure.

    I know that 6.5 to 8 PH is an acceptable range for household water.

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