Who do you talk to, who doesn't have a vested interest in one decision or the other, about whether to tear down or rehab your house?

I have a waterfront house with an excellent view of the Chesapeake Bay, so selling and buying something else is out of the question.

The house was built in 1935, is 1100 sq ft, and in my mind, needs to be gutted, have two exterior concrete stairs replaced, the foundation sealed and have at least a few curved roof rafters replaced. If I build a new house I'm thinking of going a little bigger (maybe 1800 sq ft) by possibly going to two stories (a 50' wide lot precludes extending the first story). The only new part of the house is the furnace I had installed last year.

Cost is definitely a concern because I'm planning to retire in about 5 years and don't want to dip too heavily into my stash. But I'm not into fancy appliances, fancy wood floors or status-symbol accessories anyway. Cheap, but functional is good enough. I can't do structural work, but I could do finishing work like tile and paint.

Thanks for your help.