Hi. I apologize for this one, but I'm completely in the dark and a little in over my head.

Just bought a house, in the process of painting before moving in, started with the kitchen (in yellow) which came out ok, had a few slight spots of uneven color or obvious roller coverage but it's liveable.

Then moved on to the living room, in dark red latex paint, eggshell finish, drywall, starting out with all of the walls painted white. (Brand is Colorplace in case that matters) using a roller and a brush for the corners.

Went without a primer since the walls were already painted white, and after three coats, most of the wall has extremely uneven color, with the previous white coat showing through in some places and not others, and obvious roller-shaped bands of dark color in many places. Went back to the store, got a more expensive paint-and-primer mixture in the same color, went over the wall with a fourth coat and did some touch ups as I went. The un-even color bands are worse than the third coat!

I can think of a few things I might have done wrong, but that only helps my other rooms. I'm not sure what the best way to correct the mistakes already made in the living room would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance for any advice - I'm dead in the water in regards to one of my most important rooms!