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    Default Historically accurate paint colors - 1836

    Hello - we just bought a colonial house in New England built in 1836. I was wondering if anyone knew of a source for historically accurate paint colors for a 1836 Colonial? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Re: Historically accurate paint colors - 1836

    Hello from the Upper-Midwest!

    Try some long-established stand-alone paint stores out there!

    Some restoration/remodeling firms may have people with knowledge of more Historical palettes.
    Residential Architects also usually have people versed in that too.

    The Fine Paints of Europe Co. in Woodstock, VT. is another great resource! They kinda recently developed a color palette/Fandeck of Mount-Vernon colors!


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    Default Re: Historically accurate paint colors - 1836

    Have you checked out Farrow and Ball - I bet they have what you need

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    Default Re: Historically accurate paint colors - 1836

    Just a thought...your local township or city historical society or inspections agency may have what you're looking for. Whatever department or business that enforces regulations for historical properties should have some kind of color chart that they match against.
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