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    Default treated wood/ stain

    just redecked a deck. the treated wood was really wet, how long should i wait to stain the deck. or should i just do it now. thanks

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    Default Re: treated wood/ stain

    I would recommend waiting at least 90 days before applying any finish to new treated wood.
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    Default Re: treated wood/ stain

    60 days may be enough in the right conditions but 90 won't hurt. The main thing is to be sure the excess moisture is long gone and the residual moisture in all boards is stabilized before applying any coating. For deck boards, just set a cut-off part on the deck somewhere where it will emulate normal weathering. When you think all is well, cut 4-5 inches off the end of that board and see if it is still considerably wetter in the middle than on the surface. If it is, wait awhile longer and try the test again. Once the moisture is pretty even throughout the board it is safe to apply your stain or surface finish. Better to wait too long than jump the gun on this one!


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