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Thread: Septic Venting

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    Question Septic Venting

    I am doing the plumbing in my new house but have never vented the sewer lines before so here is what i have got i have the main 4" running all the way across the house the first branch goes to the bathroom and laundry room as a 4" pipe ends at the toilet with 2 different 2" lines coming off of it the first goes to the sink and the second goes to the Tub shower combo and also branches to the washing machine. on up the main a bit further one single 2" line runs to the kitchen sink then finnaly off the 4" main is the master bathroom with the 4" running to the toilet and three 2" lines branching off one to the sink,one to the shower and one to a free standing tub. Was wondering if i could just vent the main line at the end where it stops and heads to the master bath or where i needed to put vents and how big they need to be. Sorry i had a pic that i made but wouldn't allow me to add it. Please help. Tyler

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    No offense intended but it sounds as though you're in over your head at this point.

    Normally you would submitt your DWV plans to the municipal building department for the permit. At which time they would advise you the requirements as to size , location , slopes, etc..

    As it is you're looking at least a 3 inch vent stack for each bathroom group and a 2 inch vent for the kitchen --- then there are required branch venting.

    You might consider enlisting the services of a plumber to do the rough in or get yourself a book on proper ways to do DWV.
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