My husband and I have started the reno of our 30 year old beach cottage kitchen that has been stubbornly stuck all its 80s glory--adobe tiles wall to wall and even the countertops--teamed with pale oak everything including the the cabinet handles, can track lights, the works! What I really want to avoid is installing a look that will date itself in the foreseeable future.

It's one thing if you have the resources to have "your people" take care of it and a whole other thing for folks like us who really love our home and like to do things ourselves. We've been working on the house for 2 years now doing different things, and yes, we are still happily married much to the surprise of every other couple I know, but we're constantly learning about how the house works and loving it!

Since I never, ever want to deal with removing tile (and of course, drywall behind it), I'm thinking glass subway tiles. Now, even though subway tiles have been around for 100 years or so, I don't want to install something that will scream 1995 in a couple of years, I'm wondering if there's a way to install tiles so that they could be removed more easily down the road just in case.

If there's an easier way, please stop me now, but I'm thinking that fitting another piece of drywall or another, thinner substrate, adhered to the wall with silicon glue and screwed into the studs top and bottom edge. Then tile the area and finish with molding or a plate ledge to cover the increased depth of the wall. Caulk everything and theoretically, we have a lovely, hip new backsplash that will really stand the test of time.

Opinions please?
Thanks as always,