Hi folks. We have had nothing but problems since moving into this house 6 years ago. The drain in the basement is mostly for the hot water heater. But it is obvious that the kitchen sink (right above the water heater) uses the same drain. Every time we run the dish washer, or do dishes by hand we end up with a small pool of water around the drain area. Now it goes away, very slowly.

We have clued a plumber who cleans out the drain so it works fine. Then the city comes by and "cleans" their pipes and this problem starts up all over again. I have tried to call the city, but they say it's not on their end, and I should call a plumber. I can't keep paying for plumbers to come fix the line. I have a snake, but it won't reach that far.

Is there anything else I can do or am I just stuck with calling a plumber to fix the line each and every time the city does something?