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    Default Drop-in Tub Installation

    I am a retired carpenter so I have built alot of tub surrounds and installed alot of bathtubs. I am currently renovating a small bath (8 X 12') upstairs and my wife wants to install a soaking, drop in tub. No problem there. However, she also wants to install a shower for the tub. How can I allow for water drainage off of the tub surround when showering? She doesn't like my idea of a shower curtain that hangs from the ceiling and would perfer a glass wall of some type. The tub will have at least a 4" tile deck around it and the lip of the tub is raised 2". Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Drop-in Tub Installation


    Using a drop in as a shower is a bad idea. You'll do best by heading on over to the John Bridge Tile Forum where you can start your own thread, post pics, gets speedy responses and use the extensive library.

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    Default Re: Drop-in Tub Installation

    A drop-in is not a good idea here. You need a flush or undermount tub to deal with shower water runoff, with the tile sloping toward the tub. I can't envision a separate drain in the tile platform, and that wouldn't look good anyway.


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