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    Default tobacco shed conversion?

    Has anyone ever attempted a tobacco shed conversion? Assuming I can get the location perked what are the chances of pulling off this kind of project to make a two story cabin? Furthermore, I wouldn't attempt it unless I could keep the heart pine exterior inyact, i,e,. seal the living quarters from the inside. Actually, not "I" as in me/myelf. But, someone knowledgeable. Thanks for any tips. Looking To Downsize in North Carolina

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    Default Re: tobacco shed conversion?

    Cool plan Laura Lee. I've never converted an old barn into a home, but I've always wanted to. The following link will let you see a picture of a tobacco barn that's been turned into a house in South Carolina. It's the 21st house shown.

    I wouldn't be shocked if you got two types of advice regarding the hp exterior. 1) You can leave it intact and seal from the inside many different ways. 2) You must remove the siding, install sheathing (like a modern house) and then reinstall the siding. I'd consider both as workable options.

    Here's another link to an article here at TOH that might help you even further:,00.html

    I hope this helps you. I'm really stoked about your idea and wish I was doing it myself.

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