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    Default Kitchen faucet problems

    We have lived in this house for 8 years now.

    We had to replace the kitchen faucet shortly after moving in because the one that was installed had developed pin holes in the arm of the faucet it was a Moen.

    We then replaced it with another Moen this one lasted 5 years then it developed pin holes and started leaking water through the holes.

    We replace the Moen in 2007 with a Price Pfister faucet.
    We have noticed that this faucet is starting to develop pin holes on the faucet arm.
    We have never used any kind of cleaner on this faucet.

    We are on well water I don't know if this has anything to do with what is happening to our faucets.
    This problem is only happening with our kitchen faucet no other faucet in the house has this problem.

    The plumbing is PVC pipe.
    These faucets where purchased at Lowe's.
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    Default Re: Kitchen faucet problems

    First you need to have your water tested, it sounds like it is acidic and may be detrimental to your health without water treatment. The other faucets in the house may be heavy brass faucets so they last longer.
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    Default Re: Kitchen faucet problems

    where are you purchasing your faucets? I personally think it matters.

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