We have a house that has 1950's style tiles on the floor. White, pink and teal(ish). It is the style with metallic flecks through it.
about 8x8 and asbestos.

Over the years, cracks, abrasions, and chips have developed on many of the tiles.

Is there any type of sealant I can use on the tiles? I have used clear packing tape over some jagged edges as a (maybe) temporary fix.

I have asked my husband for years to make the floor a priority. He would like to wait until all things align in the universe and put in just the right floor. Or he suggests waiting until we someday expand the kitchen and do it all at once.

So my question is what can I do on my own with a budget of almost zero and experience to match.

Sealant is my first thought. Screwing down sheets of plywood is second. Would either of these help? I could paint the plywood, no?

I am home all day with three kiddos and I want to reduce our exposure to known toxins.

Thanks for any advice,