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    Default New home construction draws

    I am having a new house built (3500 sq. ft.). I own the lot, and the house will cost about $650k. I will pay cash for the house.
    How many draws are normal? At what stages?

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    Default Re: New home construction draws

    Maybe you can use the AIA Application And Certificate for Payment.
    AIA document G702.
    This form will let you break down the value of all phases of the work by trade and make it easy to track where you are by dollar and presentage
    Each trade would submit this form with the request for payment.

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    Default Re: New home construction draws

    first ive ever heard of that.. it depends on the builder regarding if its a turnkey crew or if its all subbed out.. meaning one crew does everything carpentry related or different crews do different things

    any company ive worked for its usually in several stages, excavation and foundation complete
    roof tight- all structural framing is complete, roofing done and windows are insatlled

    rough ins complete- electrical, plumbing, heating, comm wiring comlete

    post drywall- insulation is complete, drywall is up and taped

    finish stage- trim is 80% complete other than baseboard.. paint is pretty much done, all flooring is complete

    final payment- squaring up with the gc for any outstanding extras.. all change orders during finish stage are now payed for,, keys are in hand and occupancy permit obtained
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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