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    Default the door that isnt

    I have a very old house in Marblehead Mass. It has a basement entry way that is half door and half foundation...... I need to change this asap.
    It wastes heat and is now becoming winter living quarters for other living things. I havnt the slighest idea how to remove whats currently there or how to replace it.....I am retired and perplexed on what kind of a repairman would help...I axcess this door from outside down a set of stairs that are also falling apart, but I dont know if a bulkhead could be installed...HELP HELP.
    Paula Carroll

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    Default Re: the door that isnt

    go down to national lumber or moynahan's lumber and tell them your dilema. they can recommend someone to do the job for you and help you order a custom made door and door jamb to replace your old unit. going rate, assuming that nothing major besides replacement is necessary, would be about $165 for labor and about $175 - $250 for a custom wooden (no frills) replacement door.

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