Alright, so this forum has been very helpful thus far with my question on a drum trap... Now I have one last issue. I am removing a wall from my kitchen. Turns out the wall I am removing has old cast iron lines that run to the rads on the second floor.

The gallery of images can be seen here:

The expansion tank line should be pretty straight forward... I can saw it out and reline in back to the basement where I can relocate it to a drain. Not really worried about that one...

It is the outlet line from the boiler that I am concerned about.

  1. The 90 degree elbow and the T joint are corroded.
  2. What is the easiest way to remove?
  3. Should I just cut both lines off the 90 elbow and T and start fresh from that point back to the basement?
  4. Once in the basement should I use a union to retie back to the system?

If I need to unscrew the left over line if I do have to cut how can I loosen them easily? hammer? torch (safely of course!)?

Once I have rerouted these lines I can finish my electrical and get this buttoned up... but when I saw this line here I kind of got a little pissed to say the least. I hate messing with 80 year old pipe if I don't have to... but in this case I have no choice.

Thoughts? Thanks!