We are having our bathroom remodeled by a contractor. The floor was just done and the tile under the sliding pocket door is visibly uneven by little more than 1/4 inch and extends all the way to the corner. This is enough to prevent the pocket door from closing. The contractor suggested we just raise the door a bit to compensate this. I am not sure this is the correct solution.

I further investigated in the basement under the bathroom and see the sub floor off the cross beam that 1/4". It looks like when the bathroom was remodeled years ago they placed a new piece of wood floor, didn't cut it straight enough, and so it wedged too tight to go down flush. Thus, I guess the previous tile was uneven, but just not noticeable.

To save on some cost and time, I removed all the tile before the tile contractor arrived. Is that unevenness something the tile guy should have noticed and addressed before tiling?

Am I being unreasonable to tell the contractor to remove half the tile floor to the point of unevenness fix the floor board and re-tile the area at his cost?