Our house was built by my husband's great grandfather in 1885. It had dirt basement and the foundation was sinking so in 2005, for the 150th anniversary of the house, we decided to move our house and re-build the foundation. We thought that this was a good decisin since the house needed a new fundation anyway and it was also very close to a very busy road. Now, our house is still sinking... It started with some vertical cracks in walls and about two years ago we called the guy who built the new fundation and he stated that it's ok because the house is still settling. However, the house is still sinking and it's very visible because the floor in the middle of the house is uneven more then before the project. There is also a crack on the main board in the basement. I am worried that we will lose our old home that means so much to us and I am also very upset because we spend a lot of money to move our house and tobulid the new fundation... Please help.