We want to replace or repair our current fence. We want the fence to blend in or be "invisble." Whatever IS seen, we'd like to be tasteful. We want to keep the deer out and our dog in.

What type of fence and what color would you recommend? Also pictures to help us understand might be helpful and so are appreciated, but not critical. Thank you!

We have a 1/3 of an acre hillside lot. The lower yard is about 4 feet (near) to 10 feet (far) lower than the upper yard.

The lower yard currently has a galvanized chain-link fence (posts but no header or footer bars between the posts). Deer jump over the fence (often to get out, bending sections of the chain-link) and cats, moles, skunks and raccons likewise invade (perhaps underneath or through some of the holes in it).

One more thing: We must keep a gate so as to permit/gain access to the lower yard from a wood chip covered service road along the lower run of the fence. So the construction around the gate must accomodate/permit/incorporate about a 16 ft wide gate.