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    Default Sound Dampening Masonry Chimney

    Are there any good interior sound dampening solutions to use on my masonry chimney. Music from a neighboring attached property sometimes vibrates through mostly near the chimney so i'm looking for low profile ways to reduce vibration transmission aside from mass loaded vinyl.
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    Default Re: Sound Dampening Masonry Chimney

    With the mass of a masonry chimney it's more likely the sound is coming around it or through the flue, not through it's structure. More than likely the framed structure at the chimney is vibrating since only one end of the wall plates are attached. Unless your ears are super-sensitive having that much sound to deal with is likely illegal- around here 140dB measured at the property line is the maximum allowed so if the noisemaker isn't voluntarily cooperative you may have an easy way out.

    Living in any attached structure means that problems like this are possible, which is why I try to avoid doing that, thus avoiding the problems.


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