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    Question Replacing old Leaded Drum Trap?

    I have an older home that my wife and I renovating... we are starting with the kitchen and have it down to studs. Our 2nd floor bathroom is directly above the kitchen.

    I noticed that the tub has an old drum trap that has leaked in the past before our renovation started. What would happen is if the tub was draining while you flushed the toilet... the drum would overflow causing water to drip down into the kitchen through the light fixture

    I suspect the back pressure was causing this and now that the ceiling is out I feel it is time to revamp this old style trap.

    I have read that PVC P traps are the way to go. My question is how do I connect the new style PVC to the old cast iron and copper pipe? Can I use proflex couplings?

    Thanks for any advice... Just want to make sure once I cut this out it is done right before hanging the ceiling.

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    Default Re: Replacing old Leaded Drum Trap?

    It depends on what you have to connect to. If it's cast iron you have to get back to a hub. They have donuts that fit into the hub and your PVC fits into the doughnut. If it's copper then they have banded couplings that can be used to transition from copper to PVC.

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    Default Re: Replacing old Leaded Drum Trap?

    Thanks John.

    I never used a doughnut before... I will look into those is once I get up in the ceiling and see that is what I have to connect to. I prefer the couplings, but I will have to see what is there. Thanks for the tip.

    I assume the rubber used will last my lifetime. I wish I had the time to just rip it all out and install new pipe from the drain to the cast iron that goes to the basement... but that is getting into something else at that point...

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