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    Default Corner Carpet Transition

    First time poster and new hownowner.

    I have a basement entrance to my back patio. The previous owners had the whole basement carpeted. I don't like having carpeting against an outside entrance due to the mud/dirt/constant cleaning.

    My solution, I would like to replace a section of carpet with tile. However, I don't want to rip out a whole 12' section (wall to wall), just a 6x6 section (foyer style).

    My question is this: transition trim. Do they make corner (right angle) pieces of carpet trim? All I've been able to find is just your normal straight strips. Or any ideas on how to make the corner of the carpet/tile transition look good?
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    Default Re: Corner Carpet Transition

    You have two choices for carpet edge, either a metal bullnose or what's known as a tucked edge. The metal involved for both of these transitions comes in straight 10' lengths. The installer cuts and bends the material as needed for the installation. You can have everything from a straight/square cornered trim to a radius, it all depends on what look you're going for. I personally like a radius edge, and preferably a tucked edge over a bullnose transition. Both transitions have their pros and cons, and is more of a personal preference than anything else.
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