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    Default Re: Toilet tank leak

    I'm with John on this one, DJ. It's not that difficult to diagnose and repair a "leak" in a toilet. If a DIY'r can't figure it out with a little qualified help from this forum, then they should forget about doing it themselves and just hire the job done. Cheaper and easier in the long run.
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    Default Re: Toilet tank leak

    Quote Originally Posted by johnjh2o View Post
    You have to be kidding!! That's like selling a car when it needs new plugs. With little experience and the vast different stiles of toilet tanks how would he know what tank to get?


    I know exactly what you're saying.

    A repair like this is petty for you and me, but this guy already admitted spending money for a few kits - let's say he already spent around $50 - and the tank is still leaking. Continuing trying to fix the problem is irrational for him. And hiring a plumber will set him back much more.

    I know at least half a dozen of new tanks under $50. It's just common sense. Agree?

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