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Do you mean two wires or two cables?
See below;

If you only had two wires at the switch box and two wires at the light box, you are dealing with K&T wiring, and a complete rewire is called for.
They stopped using K&T in the 30ís and this house was built in the late 50ís so I donít think itís K&T. This is more like the old cloth romex. What Iíve done so far is run new 14/2 from the switch box to the light. I just need to run the 14/2 inside the switch box (see below).

The other two wires (nuetral/ground) are going to another light switch (on the same fuse) on the other side of the wall. I am also running new grounds and neutrals to each switch box in the branch (there are 4 in total).

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True. Have you tried touching the wires together at the switch location to simulate the switch?
No, haven't gotten that far yet. Still need to run another neutral and ground to another switch on the branch first. Hopefully Monday I can button this project up...

Wouldn't it be a whole lot safer to test it 'through the switch' instead of touching the live wires?