OK THANKS Jack, appreciate the help

While I'm trying to process in my mind how I'm going to approach this 'wiring job' let me ask you guys another general question. As I understand it the white (neutral) wire acts to "balance" the electrical system, correct? If that is correct then could I just tap into another white wire that might be easier to get to?

The way it stands now to run the white wire from the light to the switch would involve cutting into the floor upstairs. Not impossible but very labor intensive. However last year I ran a new outlet into the kitchen and it has all 3 wires going to it. It is on its own circuit breaker. This outlet is around 4 or 5 feet away from where the light switch is. Instead of tapping into the light box white wire, couldn't I just tap into the new kitchen outlet white wire?

Or does it have to be the white wire going to the light?