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    Post Updating Kitchen Lighting

    Hi, anyone familiar with how houses were wired back in the 50ís? I am trying to update the kitchen dimmer light switches in the house. The house has old 1950's wiring (cloth) which is in good condition (see below).

    The problem Iím having is that the new switches are asking for connections that donít seem to be available. (see diagram below).

    The new switch needs 3 wires; Black (line) White (neutral) and Red (to the light/load). Iím guessing the black wire is like a input and the red wire is the output for the line.

    As you can see both wires in the switch socket are black. I did use a meter and found that one of the wires (the one with the white tape on the end) goes to the light.

    There are two wires at the light and they both look like the wires coming out at the switch. One goes to the switch but where does the other light wire go, or how can I trace it down?

    It almost looks like there is no neutral wire at the switch, could that be possible? I'm not sure how they did things back in the 50's... If so could I reuse the two existing wires (black and black with white tape on the end) and just run a 3rd (white neutral) wire to the fusebox? Any help in sorting this out would be appreciated
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