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    Default 200 year old colonial roof

    I am renovating a center chimney colonial. I am having trouble picking roof material for it. We plan an residing it with clapboard and painting it. I like they way traditional cedar roofs look but they are very expensive and I may have issues with my home insurance. What type of asphalt roof and color would match up nicely with a center chimney colonial?

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    Default Re: 200 year old colonial roof


    Give some thought to architectural or dimensional shingles (some may even call them laminated shingles). Here's a link to some historic homes in Connecticut: http://historicbuildingsct.com/?cat=11&paged=4

    Multiple examples of houses that have been re-roofed with this type of asphalt shingle. There may be a three-tab roof in there (T.Goodman Hse.), but the other CCC's shown will help you get a better idea how yours will likely look if you went this route.

    Hope this helps.

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