Help… once every few months, we seem to have an explosion of water coming out of the toilet. The first time it happened, there was water all over the floor and the roll of toilet paper was soaked. I thought it was the kids playing w/ water. Now it’s happened a few more times in the last couple of years. Yesterday again, I get home, and water level in the bowls of both the upstairs and downstairs toilets are super low. The floor-mats on the upstairs bathroom are soaked, as is the roll of toilet paper… which is about 30 inches off the floor.

Any idea as to what can be causing this surge of water pressure to come out of the sewer line? This is kind of gross and mystifying. I’ve never actually seen the water pour out of the toilet, and dread to think what will happen if one of the kids is sitting on the loo and it blows up like that….. or me for that matter.