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    Default Removed wallpaper- chalky plaster under

    I removed wallpaper and I found chalky plaser (joint compound) that the previous owner put on the textured walls to make them smooth for the wall paper.

    The walls are not totally even, but could possible get away with looking a bit rusitc.

    I dusted and vacuumed the walls and want to paint them (Behr premium paint with primer). Should I wipe the walls down with a damp sponge? I heard someone talk about sealing the walls in a previous post.


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    Default Re: Removed wallpaper- chalky plaster under

    Raw joint compound should be sealed with PVA primer. If the previous owner had used PVA primer followed by 2 coats of original Kilz (oil based) you would have been able to remove the paper with little or no damage.

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    Default Re: Removed wallpaper- chalky plaster under

    JlMcDaniel is correct about first sealing the drywall compound with a dedicated sealer such as PVA. 100% acrylic drywall sealer is an even better sealer than is PVA. Paint and Primer paints are alright in their place, but sealing down the very porous new drywall mud is not one of them.

    Years ago, wallpaper instructions always advised painting the wall first with a flat oil paint before hanging wallpaper. Now-a-days there are water soluble primers for this purpose.

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