Hey guys, I've started removing the popcorn ceiling in my master br and have encountered an issue. I've done my homework and watched some videos on the task. I have sprayed an area approx. 6x6 ft with water, let it soak for a few minutes, then sc****d with a putty knife--- a plastic putty knife would not work well, so I'm using an 8 in metal one. The popcorn is coming off pretty easily, but under the popcorn, there is drywall mud which varies in thickness from 1/8 in to 3/8 in. In some places, this mud has broken or chipped away revealing the underlying drywall. My question is this: Do I sc**** everything off all the way to the drywall ( a seemingly huge job), or just remove the popcorns and patch the chipped mud ( I'm concerned about the "flatness" of the ceiling in this case)or simply put up NEW drywall over the existing ceiling? I've painted several cars, so I know the importance of a FLAT surface prior to painting. Thanks, David