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    Default Installing gutters and down spounts over sidewalks

    We are installing gutters on a simple roof line, however the roof overhangs a sidewalk. We will install down spouts to carry the water away from the house but need to do so without creating a trip hazard on the sidewalk.

    Any tips?

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    Default Re: Installing gutters and down spounts over sidewalks

    You might be better off turning the ends sideways and piping them off to the sides of the house. If there's a curb on the other side of the sidewalk you might be able to pipe across there (but check with whoever owns the sidewalk if it abuts a public road- the gov't will have something to say about cutting up their sidewalk).

    Something else to consider is that downspouts are generally aluminum and not so well attached that bad guys can't yank them down for scrap metal. That's becoming sort of common in the poorer areas of my town. If this applies to your situation use the PVC downspouts so the bad guys will have to go find a real job instead.

    A fancy option that sometimes works is to hide the downspouts in a box or half-round column- a very decorative way to clean up appearances and get rid of rainwater at the same time!


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    Default Re: Installing gutters and down spounts over sidewalks

    Howdy, making a 5" channel under the sidewalk an installing the black plastic ribbed pipe under the sidewalk would be way not to create a slick an fall remember ice if you live where it freezes... Then extending the pipe out depending on the grade so water drains away or great place to plant a tree or bushes an have free watering into the area.
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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